Starting Scrum

One of the questions asked in my Professional Scrum Master trainings is “What are the steps to take when starting with Scrum?”. Well, those are actually quite simple in my opinion.

  1. Get a clear picture of what the organisation wants to achieve. Why go agile and Scrum?
  2. Define ‘product’. Sounds easy, but in reality it is quite hard to do. Tips: think from the perspective of the customer.
  3. Arrange for Scrum Masters. These people help in transforming your organisation into an organisation fit for the 21st century.
  4. Arrange for Product Owners for the products. General rule: one product has one Product Owner and one Product Backlog.
  5. Identify stakeholders of the Product Owner. Already set up workshops to help the Product Owner form a Product Vision and Product Backlog.
  6. Set up boundaries for the Development Teams. You should have:
    1. A clear organisation vision. Why do you exist?
    2. A product vision corresponding to every product.
    3. General rules concerning Development team size (3-9 people), diversity, kind of work required per product, etc
  7. Let Developers (mind you, we mean product developers, so not only IT guys!) self-organise into Development teams. It’s okay to form multiple Development teams that work on one product.
  8. Do Product Backlog refinement together as Scrumteam to have enough ‘ready’ work to start the Sprint.
  9. Schedule Scrum events.
  10. Start!

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